World Map Shower Curtains

World map shower curtains have become very popular over the last few years. In practically every bed and bath store around the country, you could go in and pick up some variety of a map of the world. Not only are these maps of great educational value, they are generally aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Many of the varieties that I have seen are very balanced due to the oval nature of the world map, and also colorful. These make great gifts for kids (from kindergarten up to high school) because they allow the child to learn about the world.

Most people don’t even know most of the countries in the western hemisphere, so it will be a hit at the parties when you can say, “Nepal is north of India, and next to China.” These maps also contain provinces, boundaries, capitals, bodies of water, and occasionally geographically significant landmarks. These shower curtains are often made of vinyl or PEVA, which means that they are both cheap and very water resistant. They can be used for thousands of uses and when they do get messy, they are easy to clean. World Map shower curtains work with any type of shower curtain liner that you may already have. World map shower curtains are a fountain of knowledge that will allow you to maximize the efficiency the time you spend in the shower everyday. Figuring you spend 30 minutes a day in the bathroom, that equates to 182 hours of study, more than enough to know every country and capital in the world.